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San Carlos, CA

Weddings & Events

Wedding Ceremony
I LOVE music! I have a graduate degree in singing and I’ve dedicated my entire life to it. I have a vast knowledge of music and strive to find the perfect songs for the perfect moments. I am happy to offer free consultations in picking just the right music for your events, because it’s so much fun for me – and I know how important it is to you. I am happy to work side by side with your wishes or to make recommendations based on my expertise.

Looking to keep the guests occupied and happy during the reception, while the bride and groom are busy taking photographs? For a perfect transition between the ceremony and the DJ, I can perform lively jazz standards, pop classical and /or classical pieces with accompaniment (instrumental ensembles or single instrument options available).

Funeral/Memorial Services
Planning a funeral or memorial service can be overwhelming, and I understand that you want to celebrate the life of your loved one in the most meaningful ways possible. I will be sensitive to your requests and if needed, I can provide planning assistance as needed for ensuring the best musical choices. If desired, instrumental accompaniment (1-5 instruments) can be arranged at an additional fee.